White/ivory corals necklace

CORALS a stone-specific value ​​for people born under the sign of Taurus and Scorpio, but it is universally used as a defense against spells and other negative influences. The necklace of coral is the best protection from evil spirits, and sterility. Coral is an excellent talisman for children. In the past, people were using corals as medicine, which was crushed into powder and mixed with water, treating diseases of internal organs. It is believed that Coral reduce stress and fears and promote a stable family life.


This necklace can also come in a SET with the earrings.  To see SET click here or on the picture below:

White/ivory corals necklace
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1Necklace price gold plated clasp:€25.00
2Necklace price 14k gold filled clasp:€45.00
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