Birthstone – Horoscope




Persons with the different zodiac signs, because of their personality, are better suited to a certain gemstones than another. So, the choice of jewelry, especially if you are buying it for another person, shoud match the zodiac signs with the proper gem stones.

Let me know if you wish to select any of below mentioned gem stones. We can  make earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets or rings  to mach your size. Just send us an email with your wish and we will try it to make it true.

In our webshop you can directly order some of the below mentioned birthstones  inserted in Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets or Jewelry sets:

************************************************** ***************
ARIES – Zoisit, Amethyst, Rodhonit, Aquamarine
TAURUS- Jade, Opal, Quartz, Kianit, Aquamarine, Corals, Turquoise
GEMINI – Opal, Jasper, Agate, Tiger’s eye, Topaz, Silver
CANCER – Pearl, Akoya, Crystal, Moonstone, Silver
LEO- Zoisit, Gold, Topaz, Rodhonit, Peridot
VIRGO – Agate, Topaz, Jasper, Jade, Tiger’s eye, Silver
LIBRA – Topaz, Lapis lazuli, Pearls, Opal
SCORPIO – Crystal, Opal, Aquamarine, Moonstone, Corals
SAGITTARIUS – Zoisit, Turquoise, Howlite, Topaz, Tiger’s eye
CAPRICORN – Turquoise, Agate, Topaz, Lapis lazuli
AQUARIUS – Amethyst, Rodhonit, Aquamarine, Turquoise
FISH – Pearls, Silver, Howlite, Amethyst, Tiger’s eye


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